Google: Return Of The Penguin

Using a Star Wars-icon and figure approach to explaining the powers of Google’s Penguin update — an algorithm change that had affected tens of thousands of website rankings, the infographic effectively conveys its message. Websites that used link manipulation or to illegitimate link-building strategies during the year of 2012-2013 are heavily penalized while explaining how to prepare to deal with Google Penguin through non exact-match anchor texts and developing link building strategies that are not too “accelerated.”

The Psychology Of Colors

There is a reason why the dining room is colored red or even brown — these colors help stimulate the need to dine or eat. Meanwhile, orange walls gives one a warm color and likely stimulates innovation and thought. To avoid negativity, most retreat centers utilize the color yellow properly. Yellow is also useful for condominiums or rooms without windows to convey bigger space. Blue induces calm and strength while maintaining stability with perceived notions of space — making them perfect for bedrooms and relaxation areas to read books.

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30 Shots

No idea which to drink? This infographic has you covered. Drink stalls and pop-up drink all you can shot pockets in parties may take note of these, but for the average drink mixer, these shots could be foreign, but interesting to make.

Spice up your nexrt party with a Black Russian — a coffee-infused vodka treat. Or a Nutty Irishman, one that contains Irish cream with the lovely smell of Frangelico hazelnuts. Whichever your choice, you have plenty to go through with this guide.

Annual Pet Cost

Taking care of your beloved pets could be as expensive as taking care of a newborn child — even up to that child’s time to gain employment. An annual expense for a large dog is now at $875 yearly while the smallest dogs could cost about $580 to take care of.

The cheapest pet to care for is obviously a fish, which requires minimal maintenance. It is truly surprising to see that caring for innocent rabbits could cost as much as taking care of a full-grown big dog going almost about $730 a year for expenses.

Stop Cyber Bullying

The rise of the Internet had allowed many to use their anonymity to have other submit to their wishes, or at least let off some seemingly harmless steam that could contribute to an actual dangerous action by bullied victims.

Cyberbullying could begin when children experience bullying in online communities accessible through their smartphones or computers. The better technology the world now has enables quick communication — which means with a click, children’s entire reputations could be made fun with a single email addressed to an entire class or even school.

This infographic indicates that only one out of 10 children tell their parents about cyberbullying and cyber laws are weak to protect teenagers from rampant online slander.

Battle Of The Bonds ( Kisses, Cocktails, Kills, Cars & Cash)

James Bond creator Ian Fleming never knew his book — and their Hollywood counterparts — would reach a wide audience enough to make it a household name anywhere. Over the course of 23 films spanning decades have been six actors that portrayed the amazing British Secret Service agent and his daring feats flirting with death and women with whiskey.

According to this infographic, both veteran British actor Roger Moore and Sean Connery had contributed to the most Bond films with Moore taking seven while Sean Connery taking six. It is amazing to note from this infographic that there had only been 383 fictional criminal and terrorist kills in the entire 23 films when it appeared there were more.

Juicy Stats About What Goes Into Health Shakes

Healthy shakes are the “in” thing nowadays for fitness buffs. Smoothies are also a welcome treat this upcoming summer season. However, do you really know what’s inside the drinks you consume?

It would seem that soy-based drinks are the fattiest when it comes to the milk used in the smoothie. Orange and apple juice are better choices for liquid. Meanwhile, peanut butter in smoothies — which is an acquired taste for some — introduce the highest calories and fat content despite being only second in terms of protein benefits. You be the judge based on this infographic.

The 12 Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Facebook For Business

Facebook is an affordable method for small businesses to advertise and market their products and services to a wider audience. Without having to use conventional television advertising, Facebook becomes cheaper. But sometimes, businesses are doing the advertising and marketing erroneously.

This is where it is important to know the proper posting frequency, understanding the metrics of each post and how to use it to one’s advantage, URL tracking and using multimedia posts (non-text ones) to attract more audiences. This infographic from HubSpot provides all these information in a convenient and well-crafted medium.

Energy Usage In The Kitchen

The refrigerator is one of the biggest energy consuming appliance in the home — automatically making the kitchen the biggest energy consumer in the house. The key to saving energy and saving more money from bills is to be in the know about the house — particularly the kitchen’s — energy consumption.

A closed fridge could consume 1 kilowatt in 24 hours. Consistent use of microwaves to heat meals could cost about 1 kilowatthour for 12 uses in a day. More details in the Halcyon Interiors-sponsored infographic.

40 Little Things You Can Do To Break Your Creative Block

Aye, creative block is one big struggle for writers and artists alike. Creative block is not solved by plain sitting around and staring at one’s medium all day. It requires doing something different — something that is a new experience and understanding for artists.

Over time, artists have used muses for creating new products. Some try to learn something new and some try not to compare their work against others they regard as superior to theirs. Remember, in art, there is nothing superior — and new experiences and an understanding of the world is all that matters.