Annual Pet Cost

Taking care of your beloved pets could be as expensive as taking care of a newborn child — even up to that child’s time to gain employment. An annual expense for a large dog is now at $875 yearly while the smallest dogs could cost about $580 to take care of.

The cheapest pet to care for is obviously a fish, which requires minimal maintenance. It is truly surprising to see that caring for innocent rabbits could cost as much as taking care of a full-grown big dog going almost about $730 a year for expenses.

Animated Infographic Highlights the Awesomeness of The Cheetah

Infographics are cool, that’s a given, but Jacob O’Neal has taken it to the next level – an animated infographic! In fact it’s an animated infographic about cheetah’s, so doubly cool. It covers stride, organs, vision, paws and most importantly – speed. Take a look…

Cheetah: Nature's Speed Machine, by Jacob O'NealInfographic designed by Jacob O’Neal

Pretty smart, right? Now you can wow your friends with Cheetah related facts and figures when you’re down the pub, or wherever it is people go these days to socialise!