30 Shots

No idea which to drink? This infographic has you covered. Drink stalls and pop-up drink all you can shot pockets in parties may take note of these, but for the average drink mixer, these shots could be foreign, but interesting to make.

Spice up your nexrt party with a Black Russian — a coffee-infused vodka treat. Or a Nutty Irishman, one that contains Irish cream with the lovely smell of Frangelico hazelnuts. Whichever your choice, you have plenty to go through with this guide.

Juicy Stats About What Goes Into Health Shakes

Healthy shakes are the “in” thing nowadays for fitness buffs. Smoothies are also a welcome treat this upcoming summer season. However, do you really know what’s inside the drinks you consume?

It would seem that soy-based drinks are the fattiest when it comes to the milk used in the smoothie. Orange and apple juice are better choices for liquid. Meanwhile, peanut butter in smoothies — which is an acquired taste for some — introduce the highest calories and fat content despite being only second in terms of protein benefits. You be the judge based on this infographic.