Google: Return Of The Penguin

Using a Star Wars-icon and figure approach to explaining the powers of Google’s Penguin update — an algorithm change that had affected tens of thousands of website rankings, the infographic effectively conveys its message. Websites that used link manipulation or to illegitimate link-building strategies during the year of 2012-2013 are heavily penalized while explaining how to prepare to deal with Google Penguin through non exact-match anchor texts and developing link building strategies that are not too “accelerated.”

Battle Of The Bonds ( Kisses, Cocktails, Kills, Cars & Cash)

James Bond creator Ian Fleming never knew his book — and their Hollywood counterparts — would reach a wide audience enough to make it a household name anywhere. Over the course of 23 films spanning decades have been six actors that portrayed the amazing British Secret Service agent and his daring feats flirting with death and women with whiskey.

According to this infographic, both veteran British actor Roger Moore and Sean Connery had contributed to the most Bond films with Moore taking seven while Sean Connery taking six. It is amazing to note from this infographic that there had only been 383 fictional criminal and terrorist kills in the entire 23 films when it appeared there were more.

40 Little Things You Can Do To Break Your Creative Block

Aye, creative block is one big struggle for writers and artists alike. Creative block is not solved by plain sitting around and staring at one’s medium all day. It requires doing something different — something that is a new experience and understanding for artists.

Over time, artists have used muses for creating new products. Some try to learn something new and some try not to compare their work against others they regard as superior to theirs. Remember, in art, there is nothing superior — and new experiences and an understanding of the world is all that matters.

An Analysis Of The Beatles

The Beatles is probably the UK’s — and likely the world’s — most biggest boy-band ever to explode since the 60s. With over 310 songs, you might be surprised that plenty of their songs were written by two or three guys that came and went from the band.

This infographic, deriving data from Wikipedia, indicates that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the most responsible songwriters in the band. Meanwhile, George Harrison and Ringo Star — while extremely popular, barely laid hands on a pen to write their own music.

Fun facts further down, most of The Beatles’ tunes are mostly about love with about 42% of their songs mentioning the world itself. Of course, as almost-chief lyricists in the band, John Lennon and Paul McCartney have the largest vocabularies in tow.

Dr Who Infographic Charts The Rise and Fall of the Trusty Sidekick

If you’re a fan of ‘the Dr’ and his trusty sidekick (whoever it is this series) then you’re going to love this infographic from the Mirror. The inspiration behind this masterpiece is the ever-changing right-hand woman or man that accompanies the Dr on his travels through space and time.

From the early days of Carole Ann Ford and Will Russell right through to Billie Piper, Catherine Tate and the most recently Karen Gillan, they all have their place in full HD infographic awesomeness. Take a look…

History of Dr Who Companions Infographic