Office Stretches To Do At Your Desk

Sitting at a desk for more than 8 hours does not do good for one’s posture. But aside from earning a bad back, consistent use of the body’s other facilities such as hands will increase weight gain and even introduce the heart to high risks of heart disease given its lack of stimulation. This infographic is all about the best exercises one can do while in the office — such as neck rolling or even stretching one’s arms, hands and legs.

An Analysis Of The Beatles

The Beatles is probably the UK’s — and likely the world’s — most biggest boy-band ever to explode since the 60s. With over 310 songs, you might be surprised that plenty of their songs were written by two or three guys that came and went from the band.

This infographic, deriving data from Wikipedia, indicates that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the most responsible songwriters in the band. Meanwhile, George Harrison and Ringo Star — while extremely popular, barely laid hands on a pen to write their own music.

Fun facts further down, most of The Beatles’ tunes are mostly about love with about 42% of their songs mentioning the world itself. Of course, as almost-chief lyricists in the band, John Lennon and Paul McCartney have the largest vocabularies in tow.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Private Water Supply

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of taking your water supply off mains and tapping into groundwater to power your business or home? This handy graphic gives you all the benefits of utilising borehole water, the applications of it and how much you’d be likely to save if you were to utilise a borehole. Using Dales Water Services Ltd in house data and government statistics the graphic looks at the costs of mains water vs borehole water and the potential payback period involved should you decide to invest.

According to DEFRA (a UK government body) 84% of farms are still using mains water supplies so are yet to invest in a borehole and benefit from cost savings as well as a more reliable pressure in rural locations. By educating the end user, partly through this infographic, Dales Water are aiming to help business owners, farmers and even single dwellers realise the potential of groundwater for them or their business.


The Benefits of Having Your Own Private Water Supply – An infographic by the team at Dales Water Services Ltd – Private Water Supply and Borehole Drilling Specialists


4th of July – Now and Then

This summer, the United States celebrates a big birthday – 237! To commemorate this milestone, CheapOair has put together an Infographic that takes us back to colonial times, and dives a little deeper into the logistics of Independence Day. We took an in-depth look at population trends, first and foremost. Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence the United States has seen a population increase of 12,548%! That’s over 52% per year.

Ever wondered how long it would take to get to our top destinations in 1776? The predominant mode of transportation back in the day was horse and cart, travelling at an average speed of 8-10 miles per hour. This means a 3 hour flight from NYC to Fort Lauderdale turns into an excruciating 13 days. Forget about that 5 hour flight to Vegas – you’d be in that cart for 26 days! Almost a month! Let’s not forget about price, though. An average ticket to San Francisco today will set you back about $500. However, in 1776, you’d be spending a mere $17.25. Can you really put a price on convenience, though? Well maybe you can. In 2012, over $200 million worth of fireworks were imported from China to the US, many for Independence Day. Now that’s worth every penny!

4th of July - Now and Then
4th of July – Now and Then By CheapOair

The Numbers Behind The PPI Claims Scandal

Everywhere you look, listen and read there’s a company trying to sell you PPI claims services, but behind all the marketing and press coverage is a set of facts and figures that defy belief. The number of jobs that the scandal has created is in the thousands, you’ll discover the how many of those annoying ‘PPI texts’ are sent to mobiles each day as well as the eye-watering amount of cash that claims companies have made so far – make sure you’re sitting down for that one! Let’s take a look…

This infographic was provided by The PPI Claims Company,

Infographic Downloads Up 525% According to Shutterstock

ShutterStock, the image and vector website have released the annual report into what was downloaded last year and what they predict will be big in 2013. It’s no surprise to learn that infographic downloads were up 525% for the year, plus general downloads of vectors and graphics rose dramatically as more companies use freelancers for their design work.

But enough spoilers already, here’s the data in it’s beautiful infographic form…

Thanks to the lovely people at Shutterstock for this infographic.

Dr Who Infographic Charts The Rise and Fall of the Trusty Sidekick

If you’re a fan of ‘the Dr’ and his trusty sidekick (whoever it is this series) then you’re going to love this infographic from the Mirror. The inspiration behind this masterpiece is the ever-changing right-hand woman or man that accompanies the Dr on his travels through space and time.

From the early days of Carole Ann Ford and Will Russell right through to Billie Piper, Catherine Tate and the most recently Karen Gillan, they all have their place in full HD infographic awesomeness. Take a look…

History of Dr Who Companions Infographic

Animated Infographic Highlights the Awesomeness of The Cheetah

Infographics are cool, that’s a given, but Jacob O’Neal has taken it to the next level – an animated infographic! In fact it’s an animated infographic about cheetah’s, so doubly cool. It covers stride, organs, vision, paws and most importantly – speed. Take a look…

Cheetah: Nature's Speed Machine, by Jacob O'NealInfographic designed by Jacob O’Neal

Pretty smart, right? Now you can wow your friends with Cheetah related facts and figures when you’re down the pub, or wherever it is people go these days to socialise!